One of my pre-clarion goals is to touch up my trunk stories (“trunkies”) and get them out to markets. I think it’s a reasonable goal–there are about 7 weeks left before the workshop starts, and I have 4 trunk stories, most of which were retired after being submitted only to the Writers of the Future contest and/or the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. There are a lot of other markets out there, and I have to get into the habit of having stories make the rounds before I retire them!

In light of that goal, I sent a revised trunkie out to Baen’s Universe today (yay!). My first ever e-sub, and it sure was easier than printing up a copy and taking it to the post office. Now I need to decide where I will send it out when it comes back from Baen’s so I’m not tempted to sit on it again…


  1. Sounds like a good goal. I’m trying my best to write a few new ones, just so I’m real comfortable with my process. However, if we all mailed some trunked works it would give us an excuse to drink and cry over the rejections, or drink and celebrate over the acceptance. Yes, drinking is a required part of both processes.

    • Wait, we need an excuse to drink? I’d better send out more stories!

      Writing some new material is a good idea too, though I worry that if I use my best ideas up before the workshop I’ll have trouble coming up with stories. Still, I do want to sub something to WotF before CW starts, so hopefully I’ll churn out at least one new story between now and then…

  2. Good luck getting those trunk stories out by Clarion…any well-defined goal is a good goal!

    I’ve been doing a “20 stories out” challenge where a bunch of LJ friends/writers are competing to see which of us manages to get 20 stories in the mail first. (No prize, just bragging rights and maybe a lunch at the end if we can actually get together)It’s definitely been effective in getting me submitting, though.


    • Right, I remember hearing about your 20-stories challenge, what a great idea! Someday, when I actually have 20 stories, I’ll see if I can get them all into the mail at once :)

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