Baen’s Universe has a nifty submission system where they send confirmation that they got your mansucript, and then a link where you can track its progress. When I submitted my story last week, I got a confirmation email. So far, so good. Then shortly after I submitted my story, the entire site went down for a couple of days, and while the main site is back up, my link to track the progress of the manuscript is still dead.

My question is this: Should I query to see if they have my story? I (obviously) don’t want to annoy the editors, but at the same time I don’t want to wait the recommended four weeks before querying only to find out that they never got the story in the first place. . .


  1. I would drop them a line. Sounds like they restored from a back up. If that’s the case, they may have missed all the subs for a particular day.

  2. Baen

    I just tried to create a log-in over there and so far have received nothing back to my mail door.

    How long does it typically take for them to send you a password? (This is my first Baen Adventure) – In the past, with other sites, it is kicked out through an auto device and shows up within a minute or two – so far nada…

    I’m with you, I think I would query to be sure it arrived okay.

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      I set up my log-in/pass a long time ago, and don’t recall how long it took, but I think they are having some server issues at the moment, so that might explain the delay…

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        Well, I got it logged in – I had to ask them to send it again, then both showed up – go figure…

        I tried the Universe Slush thing – is this like ANOTHER critique/review process group?

        I must say I wasn’t overly thrilled – if I have to review a couple dozen to get reads or something that’s rather yukky. I don’t want to be a free reader for Baen – ah well – I will give them a couple weeks and see what happens.


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          I have yet to try the Universe Slush method (that’s what they do for the ‘Introducing New Authors’ right?)–Baen’s takes regular old e-subs, which is what I did.

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            Well, I don’t have three SFWA sales yet that qualify so I’m technically ‘able’ to go for the intro area but it sorta put me off once I looked it over for an hour – plus, the stories I did read there were – well, not sparkly if you know what I mean.

  3. So here’s the update from Baen’s website:

    “There was a cyber-attack on a website co-hosted with last weekend, and our web host had to move our site to a different server. Unfortunately, due to the move some of our software stopped working — including the status tracking system.”

    I suspect they have their hands full with server issues at the moment, so I think I’ll wait a couple days and then query.

    • I love the terminology. “Cyber-attack” makes it sound so much more interesting and exciting than some one screwing with their web-site a little–more like something out of “Neuromancer,” with just a hint of “The Matrix,” complete with people in stylish leather and sunglasses running through a sleek artificial reality simulation shouting “I’m in! I’m in!” and being chased by something with pulsating electronic music going on their background. (Then later, presenting some one with a thimble-sized storage unit of pure information and explaining, “the cyber-attack was a success…the information contained here will allow us to bring down the entire Baen empire.”)

  4. I’d do some kind of compromise & wait a week, personally. The fear that markets haven’t received my stories plagues me constantly. I’ve been waiting for a bit over 2 months on a reply from Asimov’s and I know they’ve replied to a bunch of subs sent after mine — and so now my brain is in a fevered “I bet they never received it! Or they threw it away! My SASE must have fallen out!” fit. Bleah.

    BTW, Andromeda Spaceways also has a tracking system. It is teh peachy keen.

    • I know what you mean. I am usually pretty good about keeping my paranoia in check, but the website crashing made me more edgy than usual.

      Good luck on your Asimov’s submission–often a longer wait means good news!

    • Good advice on waiting a week–the tracking system is back up, and it looks like they still have my story…

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