Long time, no posts. I blame the tendons in my wrists. I finally broke down and ordered voice recognition software, which should arrive tomorrow. My previous strategy of avoiding the computer didn’t seem to be working (in part because I have a hard time avoiding the computer), and this way I’ll have a few weeks to train the voice recognition (and for it to train me!) before the workshop. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to generate stories by speaking them out loud…I’ve read passages out loud for editing purposes before, but I’ve never tried to write something new that way.

This week I started a ‘Clarion pile’ of things I want to bring along. So far the pile has some photographs for the walls and a couple reference books, but it still has lots of time to grow. At some point I need to get mats for the photos, which is throwing me for a loop because I don’t know what color mats to get…usually I do white mats and a black frame, but since we’re supposed to hang decorations with blue masking tape I’m going to forgo the frames and just do mats. Hmm…

Okay, no more computer time for me until my new software shows up! Now I’m off to watch X-Men 1 & 2 with some of my astronomer friends in preparation for the release of X-Men 3…One advantage to knowing a bunch of astronomers is that you get to watch movies projected on the ceiling of a planetarium, which is way cool.

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  1. I enjoyed X-Men 3, but I have to admit that I haven’t read comic books — I go to the X-Men movies for eye candy :) I especially like what they did with Phoenix/Jean Grey. She looked evil, but pretty.

    I wrote a couple paragraphs using the voice recognition software yesterday, and it was weird, but doable. The trick is not to watch the words appear on the screen, because that’s totally distracting. I’m hoping that writing out loud will actually be good for my dialogue — which tends not to sound very realistic.

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