For some reason, I’ve been craving doughnuts lately, so this morning I went to Krispy Kreme and got a cup of coffee and not one but *two* doughnuts. Sigh. I actually feel worst about the coffee, I’m supposed to be laying off caffeine (!!) because apparently it isn’t good for my wrist problem. My wrists have actually been better lately, though, so maybe I’ve reached the point where coffee is okay.

I’m now officially giving up on my goal of getting all my trunkies out the door before the workshop. Looking over them, I think I’ll be better off retiring them, at least until after the workshop (at which point I might have a better idea of how to fix them). Besides, abandoning the trunkies will leave me with more time to play around with the ideas I want to use at the workshop (rather than writing something new, I’ve been spending a lot of time outlining ideas). At this point I have six story ideas in various states of development, just in case my brain shuts off the workshop and I can’t think of anything (not likely in environment with so many other writers, I know, but it makes me feel better to have ideas to fall back on).

Just 10 days now until the workshop starts. I’m excited to meet everyone!


  1. Ten days!!!

    I still can’t believe I’m really going. *pinches self* ;)

  2. wrists

    Congratulations on your wrists. And it sounds like you are well underway with your workshop preps! Maybe your trunkies will look different after the workshop and can be revived then.

    • Re: wrists

      Thanks. Between my wrist healing up a bit and shelling out for the voice recognition software, I feel like I’m in pretty good shape to be productive at the workshop (knock on wood). As for the trunkies, I definitely plan to take a look at them after the workshop, but even if they can’t be saved they were good practice to write!

      • Re: wrists

        How hard has it been to train your voice recognition software. We tried one of those a few years back and it was a lot of work and it only seemed to work for one person (the trainer) which made sharing it not very useful…

        • Re: wrists

          It took some training, but not as much as I expected. There are options in the software that allow you to train additional users, but since I’m the only one that uses the software, I have no idea how well that works.

          • Re: wrists

            :::nods::: I have a client who talks a lot and I think this would be a good alternative for her in composing notes for later use. Right now I sometimes type her notes from tape which is a lot of work.

  3. I never know where ideas are going to come from, although they do have a tendency to pop up when I’m busy with something else. But, with all the nice weather lately I’ve been going on walks up and down the Burke Gilman Trail, and that’s when all these ideas have been hitting me… AND I’ve been much better than usual at remembering to write them down when I get home.

  4. I definitely agree that the workshop will be a stimulating environment, and I’m sure we’ll all be coming up with ideas left and right. For me, my idea list is a safety net — my hope is to write at least one story entirely (including coming up with the idea) at Clarion.

    • I’ve mapped out loose outlines for two ideas, and even managed to draft a couple of pages on one of them. Hopefully this will help me ease into the Clarion groove without too much additional spazzing.


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