Well, I’m here. I’ve met almost all the other students, mostly unpacked, and now have my computer up and running. And tomorrow, the craziness begins…


  1. YAY!!!

    It is wonderful that your computer works!

    Even better that you gave us a teeny nibble…

    okay, okay – I know you are busy and I’ll take my addicted to Clarion journals self off again. Have fun tomorrow!!! Although, I thought you guys goofed off till Monday.

    • Re: YAY!!!

      Yes, it was kind of a tease. Just FYI, after today I probably won’t have time to reply to comments, though I will read them.

      • Re: YAY!!!

        That’s fine :)

        Comments are here to give you a break when you decide you want to escape for 20 minutes and goof off :)

        So they teased you yesterday?

        Is the group a good one? (good=fun, funny, animated, up-to-stuff)

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