More photos than words…

I’ve been spending more time on photography lately than writing (thus the new icon – for bigger pix check out my flickr page: ). It’s not necessarily a bad thing…photography is easier on my wrists, but still keeps the creative juices flowing.

This is not to say I haven’t gotten any writing done. Mostly I’ve been focusing my energies on revisions – I polished up my twice-workshopped draft of my spider story and did a first pass of revision on one of my other Clarion stories. I’m still stalled out on my fresh stuff, but rather than force it, I’m letting the ideas rattle around in my head for a while. Besides, if I get some stories revised, I can get them circulating, which would definitely be a good thing.


  1. Great pictures. I’ve been amazed at how difficult post-clarion recovery has been. It’s almost like I have so much in my head I can’t quite think straight enough to make anything work out right on paper. Glad to read you’re making progress with the spider. Don’t lose too much blood

  2. love the photos. I’ve been following yours and maura’s. Great stuff.

    I was kicking around the idea of suggesting a write-in to the group for some weekend in October – whaddya think?

  3. Nice photos! (Interesting how you and are both channelling creative energy into photography these days.)

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