Sat down at my computer to work on one of my new stories (I have two different things that I’ve started post-clarion I’m not making much progress on), but the words won’t come. Or they do come, but they’re completely the wrong words. The problem is that I’ve lost the creative intensity of the workshop. There’s no way to maintain that level of productivity and energy indefinitely, of course, but lately I’m feeling like a firefly that can’t light up.


  1. I know how you feel. Hence, I hereby give you permission to write complete sh*t. It makes good fertilizer for the flowers to grow.

  2. yeah, the fertilizer’s a good idea. I’ve really been liking the daily timed freewrites – I give them full permission to suck, and ta da! they usually do.

    But then, every so often, something doesn’t….

  3. Thanks Tina & Tina :) With your permission, I’m having no trouble generating fertilizer the last couple of days! Hopefully soon I’ll grow some flowers…

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