Adventures in Portland

Kelly Link gave a reading at Powell’s Books on Friday, which was a good excuse for me to head down to Portland to visit tinaconnolly. In addition to the reading (which was excellent–I expected Kelly to read something from Magic for Beginners, but instead she read a story that isn’t out in print yet), we wandered around in Washington Park, found some delicious dark chocolate, and drank mojitos…All in all a very fun trip! I snapped a few pictures, which are up on Flickr:


  1. and caroline initiated tina into the mysterious and tasty world of dim sum, don’t forget that….


  2. Lovely pictures as always Caroline. It looks like you both had a great day.

    You are so lucky to live so close to one another!

  3. I liked all of the pictures very much. That is a very cute cat. Sounds like you two had a great time! I have a mission to see the legend that is Powell’s, one day….

    • Yep, the cat was adorable, and such a sweetie! She even sat on my lap for a while :)

      Everyone should go to Powell’s, at least once. (And if someday you can make it all the way up to Portland, I could come down, and we could hang out together!)

  4. Wow.

    Mojitos *and* dark chocolate?

    That sounds like a damn near perfect day.

    • Just ‘wow’? Not even ‘wow, neat’? :)

      But yes, it was a damn near perfect day! (And you didn’t comment on it, but I assume you got your Futurama reference a couple posts back?)

      • Poetic image #37 not found?

        Yes, very nice. Was that from the Valentine’s Day episode?

        The funny thing with “Freedom, Horrible Freedom” is that I think I was even remembering the right scene, but I assumed that since it was in outer space and all, I must have been remembering a Futarma scene, not a Smpson’s scene.

        I suppose these little slip-ups will happen with advancing age….

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