Rejection #8, Submission #9

Return of the Spiders…
My spiders failed to crawl up out of the slush pile at F&SF. I probably could just repackage them and send them back out, but I’ve had a couple thoughts on revising them that I might play around with first.

Ducks away!
Sent off my submission for this quarter’s Writers of the Future on Thursday. Hope they like mechanical ducks!


  1. sorry to read about the rejection. what is the cut-off for subs to WOtF? I think I’ll send them something as well. That will get me my three subs and I won’t have to face the zebra.

  2. I know the feeling about wanting to look something over again before sending it out. :) I added 500 words to the story that was rejected at Futures. As long as you’re changing something for the benefit of the story, and not just for the sake of tinkering, then it’s no big deal, right?

    WOTF… I shall have to try next quarter, I think. I’m too busy this week.

    • Yeah, I also wonder if maybe I sent the story out a bit prematurely, just to get something out for the challenge. I wonder…if I revise it, and send it somewhere new, think Zebra will count it as a separate submission? :)

      • I dunno… never hurts to ask. I can’t see why not, realistically, though anyway, what’s Zebra gonna do? Attack you? Yeah right.

        You know, I am a little reticent to bring this up, but… I think the whole violent Zebra thing is some kind of hallucination on David’s part. I mean, yes, we’ve all seen the Zebra doll talk and move on its own, but it’s never uttered threats in my presence. Poor David. Poor Zebra, too.

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