And this happy little fellow is called the gouger…

Have to head to the dentist this afternoon to have a filling replaced. Shudder.

In more cheerful news, tomorrow I’m heading out to the coast for a few days. There are some gorgeous beaches with nifty rock formations and tidepools, so it should be a good place to play photographer. And I’ll also be able to hit the Dungeness Crab festival in Port Angeles. Yum!

I have to assume that when I come back from my little jaunt all rested and recovered, I’ll be bursting with energy to work on one of my three new stories. I keep starting them, but then abandoning them unfinished. This is new territory for me — pre-Clarion I was really good at forcing myself to finish a story before jumping off to the next idea. What makes it particularly strange is that it isn’t that I’ve lost interest in the ideas. If anything, I keep thinking of offshoots for each story until it wanders off into nowhere.

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