Rejection #10

It might be time to do some additional revisions on those spiders…16-day rejection from Clarkesworld, with some nice comments about what wasn’t working.


  1. Nice.

    Since I think Clarkesworld rejections average about a week, 16 days means Mamatas was really considering it.

    • Ah, you might think that, but you’d be wrong…since I had a sub at Clarkesworld, I’ve been tracking the response times very closely, and they are getting progressively longer (several other people who submitted the same day I did also got rejections after 16 days, and there were several reports of twelve day rejections for submissions a few days prior to mine). Based on the letter itself, I don’t think I was particularly close.

  2. Yeah, I gotta agree… I subbed and it took qute a while. The letter was very nice, and helpful — I considered more revisions based on it, which were sensibly put by Mamatas — but I don’t think I got particularly close to publication there.

    They’re probably receiving more subs as time goes on and more people hear of them, is all…

    • And it takes longer to write a personalized rejection than to use a form (which is what most all the higher paying markets do). So between that, the high pay rate, and the easy e-subbing, I think the response time will continue to get longer and longer as people hear about the market. Even so, I’ll be sending another one next Wednesday, when I’m eligible to submit again.

      • Yeah, I’m thinking of sending something to them as often as possible, too, because Nick seems to have a good eye for stories, and the rejections are instructive and useful, and, well, I would be flattered if I were to be published there, eventually!

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