1300 words today

I’ve re-started my vaguely alternate history story about seven times now, but I’m finally optimistic that this one will take. I switched the POV from third person to first, which has gotten the words flowing, and I think I’ve shaped it such that it no longer involves much history (which, for me, is also a good thing). In any case, I’m determined to force the story through to the end no matter how badly this version sucks because, dammit, I want to finish something. Then I can inflict it on one of my many writing groups and they can tell me how to fix it. Take that post-clarion slump!


  1. You go, girl! Tell that story who’s boss.

    (Of course, whenever I try that, I get beat roundly across the head–but it may work for you.) ;-)

  2. I personally prefer to massage my stories sensuously and compliment them on their verbiage. “Will you still respect me in the morning?” they ask, and I invariably mumble about killing off the wee darlings we spawn… though it always takes me a week or two before I can bring myself to it.

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