Submission #12 and more new words

I’m eligible for Clarkesworld again (can’t submit for seven days after a reject), so I sent another one their way. I’m hoping that Nick will like bloody-throated birds better than giant spiders.

My not-so-alternate-history story continues to grow at a steady pace, I’m up to 3000 words now. This is the point at which it has fallen apart before, but I give myself permission to write the rest as complete crap if necessary, just to get it done. I’m also trying to resist the urge to start over and tweak the beginning–this is what got me into trouble the first few times. (Though I wonder if maybe re-writing the beginning would save me grief later on…)

And I’m revising the spiders. Again. Can’t seem to leave that one alone. Problem is, I’m still not entirely happy with them, and I’m loathe to send them out. (Next on the market rotation is Strange Horizons, which I think is their best shot at a pro market, so I really want to have the story perfect before I send it out.) Even so, I should be able to get them out the door by the end of the week.

As whiny as this post sounds, I’m actually pretty pleased about my progress lately. All week I’ve been getting new words on paper AND working on revisions.