Flickr Addictd

I’m officially a Flickr junkie–I caved and payed for a full-featured account. The ever-so-smart people who designed the site rate the photos on a random mishmash of things (how many times it’s been viewed, comments, who calls it a favorite) to give it an ‘interestingness’ score. Competitive person that I am, I want my photos to get recognized as ‘interesting.’ So I spend way too much time finding groups in which to display said photos. That and I like to look at all the purdy pictures other people are posting. The whole thing is highly addictive. But it’s relatively harmless and I’m pleased to find that one of my photos made it into the top 500 interesting photos for Oct 19th:

Colored Pencils 3

Fortunately, I’ll be doing a ‘write-in’ this weekend with some of my Clarion classmates, which will force me to spend more time writing and less time staring at .jpg images.

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