My refrigerator says:

“If sanguine thoughts about a pithy question are represented crassly, society will abscond with beer.”

(Isn’t magnetic poetry fun?)


  1. :: looks over the fence at velourmane’s lush green story tendrils ::

    Absolutely true :)

  2. Cricket/etc. can take a LONG time, and I’m somewhat unconvinced that it’s a Cricket/Cicada/Ladybug type story (Am I right in thinking this is the one the writing group looked at?). Maybe. One market that I (personally) would try post-SH (assuming they don’t take it) is Talebones, which is not pro, but has some good stuff, gets some notice, and has some awfully nice people running it, Patrick and Honna Swenson, who you probably met at some of the Clarion West parties.

    As always, just my opinion, and everyone else’s mileage will probably vary. It’s a good story and I’m looking forward to seeing it in print.

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