Writing in the Rain

Not literally, of course, as I’m inside and the rain is outside. But the weather has turned nasty once again, and with all the wind and rain I’m a bit worried that the power will go out.

* * *

Day 2 of JaNoWriMo – 2090 words today, 4277 total

My chapters are ending up rather shorter than I expected, which may be an artifact of my quota system. (I’m shooting for 2000 words per day, and the chapters are ending up 2k long.) More likely, I just tend to write things on the short side (I often end up with short stories at 3k), and chapters are no exception. Hopefully, once I settle into things, the chapters will take on a more leisurely feel and get a bit longer. I also figure at least part of it is a transitional thing, making the leap from short stories to novel chapters.

In addition to the 2090 words I’m counting, I managed another 253 words that I had to cut, and which I suppose I can’t justify including in my word totals…as much as I’d like to…

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