Good progress today

Day 3 of JaNo – 2,681 words today, 6958 total

Wrote all of chapter 3 this morning, and got a fair bit into chapter 4. I’ll definitely need to sit down this afternoon though, and outline what comes next, as chapter 4 is the last chapter for which I have a detailed outline. In addition to getting pretty good wordcount today, I’m feeling a bit happier with how the words came out. The first couple chapters had a decidedly choppy feel, almost more like detailed outlines than chapters, but today’s stuff reads a little smoother. Fingers crossed that I’m starting to settle in to this whole novel-writing business.


  1. Well, they haven’t fallen off yet. But I can’t say that this write-2k-per-day schedule has been good for them. I’m still hoping I’ll be able to keep up this pace for the rest of the month without destroying them, but we’ll have to see.

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