My brain is too tired to think of a good title…

Day 9 JaNo – 2027 words today, 20075 total

About the only good thing I can say about today’s writing is that I broke the 20k mark. I’ve gotten very bored with the original storyline, and I think it showed in what I wrote today. It didn’t help that I had to get them from one place to another, making most of today’s words a description of them going somewhere. To my credit, I did *try* to spice it up by having them stalked by demons for part of the way, and revving up some conflict between some of the characters, but the fact that I was bored writing it probalby isn’t a good sign. Thankfully, they appear to have finally reached their destination, so with any luck the next time I revisit these characters I can get them to do something interesting.

I wonder if my troubles getting to quota today are related to abandoning my outline. I worked essentially sans outline both yesterday and today. Yesterday it went beautifully, today, not so much. But in any case I’m happy to be done for the day.


  1. 20K! You go girl.

    –David S.

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