Protecting the good guys

Day 10 of JaNo – 2018 words today, 22093 total

I’ve been finding lately that the scenes with my villain are more intersting than the scenes with my heroes, and I suspect it’s because at some level I’m trying to protect the ‘good’ characters. Tomorrow my goal will be to have something really nasty befall them. I don’t know what that will be, but hopefully whatever it is will make them more interesting. Or maybe I’ll kill some of them off. A band of five heroes may just be too many for me to devote sufficient attention to each of them.


  1. You have a posse in your novel? I didn’t know you had a posse. Yay, Caroline!

    You’re right, though, that may be too many to wrangle. Maybe they need to have a big fight that fractures the band. Then they can break into a couple different groups heading in different directions. Oh, and if you really want to be all LOTR about it, you could _pretend_ to kill off one of them, just so you don’t have to deal with him for awhile.

    Good work continuing to meet quota! Almost halfway there!

    • Well, I couldn’t decide how many heroes to send, so I figured five would be best. That way, if they run into trouble, they’re all set for whatever it is that needs killin’. I don’t think I’ll be pretending to kill any of them, but I may split them up. Or I might turn some of them into undead zombies. Hard to know what will happen until I get there :)

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