Halfway done!

Day 11 of JaNo – 3124 words today, 25217 total

My brother’s in town tomorrow, so I wanted to get some extra words written today. I also wanted to get to the halfway point. Anyway, since I wrote extra today, tomorrow’s quota is 1k instead of 2k. Anything beyond that will be bonus.

After two days of struggling through exceedingly boring bits, I decided to try a different approach this morning: Instead of thinking about the plot and what should come next, I thought ‘what’s the most interesting thing I can think of to write about today’ and wrote that. It ended up tying in with the plot just fine, and (not surprisingly) it turned out vastly more interesting than what I’ve been getting from the other approach. And, since I ended up going back to the villain’s side of things, I didn’t have to kill any of the heroes off after all. At least, not yet.

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