Productive Day

Day 21 of JaNo – 3807 words today (2203 novel words), 45475 total

I had a short story in my head that demanded to come out, so I scrawled out a very rough draft this morning at 1.6k words. Since they’re not part of my novel, they don’t go into the grand wordcount…but I went ahead and tossed them into today’s word total, mainly because I’m pleased with myself for getting so many words down today. Yay!

Since this is the end of week 3, I’ll go ahead and do a weekly wordcount too: 14830 words for the novel this week. Couple hundred words less than last week, but still well on track to finish up sometime in the next few days. Still don’t know what the ending will be. If I don’t think of something soon, I’m just going to kill off all the characters. If there’s no one left, the story is finished, right?


  1. That was Shakespeare’s theory. Seemed to work for him.

    (And Mazel Tov on the new story, obviously. Very cool)

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