And All That Jazz…

Had a lovely time going out to dinner at Tula’s Jazz club with some of my Clarion classmates. We got to meet up with Paul Park, who is in town to teach a one-day workshop through Hugo House. Sadly I can’t make it to the workshop today, seeing as I’m leaving for Whistler sometime in the next hour or two. Still it was nice to see everyone and catch up a bit.

Post-JaNo I haven’t generated a whole lot of new words, which is okay. I did manage to get the (very) short story I wrote mid-JaNo revised, so all in all this month I wrote my practice novel and wrote & revised one story. Starting in February, rather than having a daily word quota, I may try out the one-story-per-week method, which is quite popular these days among my writerly friends.

Now, off to do some skiing!


  1. Ehhhh! So lucky!

    I miss my Clarion friends.

    Enjoy the skiing. :)

  2. What was the time on your Strange Horizons rejection?


  3. I approve!

    We add low-fat yogurt to steel cut oatmeal for extra creaminess (and… er… calcium? *G*) along with fruit. It helped me get the little one away from eating the packaged instant stuff full of corn syrup solids. :D

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