Submission #20

Packaged up my backwards-in-time story so that it can go out in the mail tomorrow. I’ve decided to send it off to Asimov’s next, and it’ll be my first sub to that market (mainly because I’m impatient, and the turnaround time there is not quite as quick as, say, F&SF or SH). I tweaked a couple things in the opening scene before stuffing the story into an envelope — mostly just smoothing out the language a little bit.

Despite not getting any actual writing done this weekend, I’m feeling pretty productive. In addition to getting my Asimov’s sub prepped, I also went to writing group and got some helpful comments on my twisted fairy tale, and jotted down a scene-by-scene outline for the story that I’m going to write this week. I’m hoping to get the new story written AND the fairy tale revised by Friday. We’ll see. And if I have a really good week, I might also try to tackle revisions on my photography/corpses horror story. But that one needs a bit more work, so it may have to wait.

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