Up to 1767 words on my new story (1197 words today), which brings me to the end of the second scene. Today’s wordchunk leaves me both cognitively and emotionally drained, which is probably a good thing, in terms of the end result. I’m still not quite on track to finish on Friday, because while I got a fair number of words down today, I’m not progressing through my outline as quickly as I expected. I was originally going to give myself until Sunday to have the story done, and I may go back to that. My priority on this one is to do it right, and if that means taking a little longer, I’m okay with it. The key, I think, will be to make sure I (1) work on it every day until it’s done, and (2) don’t work on anything else that might distract me. I haven’t decided yet whether revisions fall into the category of ‘things that might distract me.’ But I certainly won’t go chasing after any sparkly new ideas until the current story is finished.

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