2867 words, 1100 today

I think I’ve passed the halfway mark on the story. The scene I’m currently halfway through is not cooperating, so I may be re-writing it tomorrow. It’s interesting and all, but I’ve no idea how it ties into anything else. Somehow it managed to skitter off sideways from the lovely outline that I made. I’m hoping I can rein it back in though, as I like some of the images in it.

I also went back and tinkered with the sections that are already written, tightening the language and trying to sneak in a little more worldbuilding. I tend to get the comment on my stories that the setting is a little too vague, that there are a few pretty sparkly images, but that a lot of things aren’t adequately described. So I’m trying to work more world-buildy things in, hopefully without slowing down the main thrust of the storyline too much.

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