Rejection #17, return of the ducks

My mechanical ducks are back from Strange Horizons, but with a personal rejection, which was nice. (Well, as nice as a rejection ever is.) Feeling relatively encouraged, I went ahead and turned those ducks right around and sent them to Clarkesworld (submission #22).

No fresh writing today, or even revising. Instead I’ve been working on assorted crits. Tomorrow, though, I’ll get back to my own stuff. Really. After all, I have to have *something* done by the end of the week, be it a new story or a revision. (Or a novel chapter, I suppose, but since I’m not working on a novel at the moment, that’d be a bit rough.)


  1. I will be very curious what the Clarkesworld guy says about the mechanical ducks. He is not known to be kind.


    • Hmmm…On the two stories I’ve run through there, the comments I’ve gotten weren’t sugar-coated or anything, but I didn’t find them to be unkind. Actually, one of the reasons I sent the ducks there is because I find the feedback pretty helpful. Nothing to do but wait and see how it goes, I guess (and the response times appear to be running around 30-40 days now).

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