Submission #24 and stock photography

Well, after Connie’s workshop, I’d meant to revise a story AND get a new one written by Potlatch (tomorrow). I’m one for two on that. Got the story revised so I can mail it off today (Sub #24, my 8th sub to F&SF). No new writing whatsoever, though I did do some outlining on two separate story ideas. So post-Potlatch, I really need to settle in and get at least one of them written up.

Why so little writing? I’m working on breaking into stock photography. At the moment I’m selling pictures through dreamstime and fotolia. These are ‘micro stock’ sites have a huge library images available for clients to download for a small fee. The images are cheap, but if you have a popular image that sells to lots of clients, the small amounts add up. Anyway, I’ve been spending most of my time these days cleaning up images in Photoshop, uploading them, assigning keywords for each image, etc etc.

And now off to Portland for a couple days for Potlatch!


  1. See you there! And maybe you can get me to match your name to your face. I remember a face that might be yours, or it might be someone else’s face in your class, or even in some other class…after the six weeks are over, it’s always hard for me to keep people sorted out until I see them again in some other context.

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