Yay productivity!

Submission #27 – Flash fiction to Postcards from Hell.

I revised not one but *two* stories today. One was the flash story, which I submitted. The other was a substantially longer piece, that I needed to trim by several hundred words. The somewhat-shortened longer story is now awaiting crits with one of my crit groups. Cutting 700 words from a 5,700 word story was hard. I had to do it in three passes, with each pass resulting in fewer anti-words. I’m tentatively pleased with the result…we’ll see what my critters have to say about it.

Was good to have had a nice productive day today, as yesterday I did no work whatsoever and instead went skiing with an old highschool friend of mine. (Which was lots of fun, and it was beautifully gorgeous and sunny up on the mountain.)


  1. Where have you been submitting flash stories? I’ve sent a couple to Dark Horizons (both bounced), but I’ve not had much success in finding other outlets.

  2. Yep, I’ll shoot you an email when I hear back from them.

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