Round and round they go…

Submission #38 – Sent one of my Clarion stories off to Interzone for their e-submission period (May). This is my first time subbing to Interzone.

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Rejection #30 – From Strange Horizons, with comments. I’ve gotten personalized rejections from SH the last few times through, which is encouraging.

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Question: How long does it take to strip the siding off an apartment building?
Answer: Longer than 2 weeks (and they still aren’t done).

The incessant pounding noise the construction guys make is not terribly conducive to me being productive. I’m one of those writers the prefers quiet. I can write with music if need be, but I prefer the music not to be very loud. *sigh* Looking at the outside of the building, they appear to be almost done tearing off the old siding. I’m _hoping_ that when they’re finished tearing the siding off my building, they’ll move on to one of the other buildings (there are 6 buildings in the complex). They’d strip the siding off all six buildings before they start putting siding back onto my building, right? Right? So I can have some quiet writing time?


  1. oops, meant to list the rt, but didn’t — it was 33 days.

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