WotF Finalist

I’m one of eight finalists for the 2nd Quarter (March 31st deadline) Writers of the Future competition. The story (can’t say which one, as judging is anonymous) was my sixth submission to the contest. Previously I had 4 stories that were quarter-finalists, and two that didn’t even make it that far.

The list of finalists is posted on the WotF blog: http://wotfblog.galaxypress.com/2007/06/writer-finalists-announced.html

Yay! Now I have to try to be patient while I wait the six-ish weeks it takes for them to judge the 8 finalist stories and pick the winners…


  1. Congrats!!! Plus, even if you don’t get picked as a winner, you have a shot of getting published in the book (which means the workshop and everything). :-D

  2. Congrats and good luck!

  3. Yay Caroline, that’s awesome!

  4. Well done!

    What is the status of WotF these days? The link to LRon and the Scientologists has always rather worried me about them…

    • Thanks :)

      A lot of people have mixed feelings about the link between WotF and Scientology, but reading the blogs of past winners, I’ve always gotten the impression that the contest & workshop stay focussed on writing and Scientology doesn’t really come up much.

  5. Excellent news Caroline!

  6. I saw that! Congratulations!

    (Personally, I am not bitter that I have not received a notification of my failure to place. No, not bitter about that at all.)

    Good job!

  7. oh yay! oh cool! congrats!!

  8. Whoah! Congratulations!


  9. Now I finally know your name…I suppose I could have figured it out earlier. But somehow I never got around to it.

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