Bouncy bouncy

Sub #46 – my first submission to Shimmer.

Rej #35 – from Lone Star Stories (24-hours)
Rej #36 – 3 days from Chizine…but the story got bounced not on its merits but because I made a mistake on the simultaneous submissions policy — starting on June 1 (the day I sent the submission) they switched over to contest-mode…and during the contest they DON’T take simultaneous submissions. So they pretty much looked at the cover-email and bounced the story back :( I felt bad for not paying closer attention, but the editor was very nice about it.

* * *

UPDATE: Some pledges have come in via email…I still have copies of “Tending the Mori Birds” for the next SIX people to sponsor me for the write-a-thon. This is my first accepted story, and a signed copy will be worth its weight in dragon eggs* once I’m famous**

More details here:

Don’t wait, pledge now!

* Actual value may vary.
** Actual fame may also vary.

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