Today marks the start of the Clarion West write-a-thon. During this six week fund-raiser for Clarion, I will write the first six chapters of a new novel. Coming into this morning, I had pages and pages of notes on the setting and characters, a vague notion of plot, and a detailed outline for chapter one. My goal for this week is to complete the first chapter, and outline chapter two for next week (hopefully this will get done by Thursday, as I will have houseguests over the weekend).

Today’s wordcount: 750 words on Chapter 1

* * * * *

A big thank-you to everyone who has already offered to sponsor me. Attending Clarion West last year meant a lot to me, and the donations raised during the write-a-thon help ensure that other fledgling writers will also have that opportunity. If you’re interested in making a write-a-thon donation, there’s still time — my write-a-thon page is at:

I’ve promised signed, personalized copies of my very first published story (‘Tending the Mori Birds,’ forthcoming in Fantasy Magazine) to the first 10 people to sponsor me $10 or more….and I still have FOUR copies left. Just drop me a note here (or send me an email) letting me know you’re interested.

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