Amaretto French Toast

I had leftover French bread from dinner the other day, and one of my favorite ways to use up leftover bread is to make baked French toast. I’m also trying to use up various liquors, so as to avoid having to move them to Texas. The result? Amaretto French toast. (I don’t have a recipe, but for one _large_ serving: cut bread into cubes, place into one lightly greased (big) ramekin (or multiple little ones). Mix a couple eggs, some milk, a shot of amaretto, a couple teaspoons of sugar, a pinch of salt, and splash of vanilla. Pour liquid mixture over bread cubes, let sit 2-hours to overnight. Bake at 350-ish until it looks done…time will vary depending on size of ramekin. Top with strawberries that have been sprinkled with sugar and splashed with Amaretto.) It would have been even better with a touch of whipped cream, which I didn’t have on hand. I showed tremendous self-restraint and managed to photograph the finished result before eating it.

* * *

600 words so far today on Chapter 3 (now up to 1600 words total). I’m hoping to get in at least another 1000 words before the end of the day.


  1. OK, sure, but did you just take the one picture or take dozens and just use the best? The former would certainly take self-restraint, but the latter would really be getting into realms of “tremendous” self-restraint.

    • Clearly I took at least two pictures, as is evidenced by the two different shots posted above. However, as you seem to doubt the tremendousity of my restraint…

      Tremendous restraint:

      Composed the picture, including: (1a) arranged french toast on plate, (1b) individually placed each strawberry, (1c) selected and arranged color-coordinated placemat
      (2) took 21 pictures of french toast
      (3) reviewed pictures to make sure I got the shots I wanted (I did).

      Tremendous efficiency:

      Despite all the photography, the french toast was still piping hot when I ate it.

  2. I love Amaretto french toast! I’ve been meaning for ages to try it with Grand Marnier.

    Also, I’ve joined you all in the write-a-thon. See you over on the CW forum boards. :)

  3. I obviously should have let _you_ make the French toast. That looks yummy.

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