Write-a-thon Week 3 update

Well, this is the end of week 3, and the official midpoint of the write-a-thon. Wordcount summary so far:

Week 1: 3400 words
Week 2: 2800 words
Week 3: 4600 words

This was a fairly productive week, wordcount-wise. I managed all of Chapter 3, and the first half or so of Chapter 4. Everything is rough rough drafty, but there’ll be plenty of time to polish later.


  1. ooh, yummy choice!!

  2. Go! Go! Go!

    :: waves flag ::

  3. I love all the progress you’re making! Keep it up, and good luck with all the subs. You make a good point about revising too much.

    I have a story sitting with WotF from Q1 (non-placing finalist) but I don’t know if I want to wait until the summer for that slim shot at getting it published. It would be helpful if they gave us a better idea of our chances. A friend of mine waited a year and a half for a rejection.

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