(Slightly delayed) WaT week 4 update

Well, after a bout of productivity early on in week 4, resulting in the completion of chapter 4, my novel-writing stalled out. I’m not to worried about it, as part of the delay was due to me wanting to revise and ship out the flash story I wrote last week. The first couple days of this week I’ve been more-or-less back on track, and I’m now about 1500 words into chapter 5. Which means I’ve got about a chapter and a half more to meet my goal.

Upcoming distractions: my husband defends his dissertation (tomorrow) and we’re moving (end of next week).

Hopefully somewhere in there I can squeeze in the last 4500 or so words and meet my goal…stay tuned for more updates as the end of the WaT draws near!

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  1. Go, Caroline, go! I will totally crit your novel (if you want) whenever you want. Thanks for the recipe and I hope your move is easy and you are soon getting in touch with your native Texan!

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