Sub Away, Rejection, WaT final stretch

This week:
Submission #57 (to Strange Horizons, my 6th there)
Rejection #47 – 44 days, from Heliotrope. I’m a bit more disappointed about this one than usual, since the story was under consideration for a long-ish time for the market, and I had my hopes up. Oh well.

* * *

The end of chapter six is in sight, hopefully I can crank it out this morning, and then spend the bulk of the day finishing off the surprisingly large amount of packing that still remains. This week has been a rough one, WaT-wise, with all the pre-move chaos. I’d hoped to have all my chapters finished last week, but it didn’t end up happening that way.

Back to writing!


  1. Yah, hate those where you start thinking, “Long response means good response”…and then it doesn’t. Been there. Only solution — keep after it, which you seem to be doing.

  2. Congratulations on the sales!

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