Write-a-thon Wrap-up

I’ve finished my write-a-thon goal of six chapters in six weeks. Yay! When I was setting my goal, a chapter a week felt like it might be too easy, almost like cheating. BUT I knew the end would be crazy with moving, and that this year was not the time for aggressive write-a-thon goals. Next year, I’ll set myself a bigger goal. Under the circumstances, a chapter per week (especially this last week), was plenty for this time around.

Chapter six: 3,300 words
Total words: 18,500 words

A big thank-you to all of my sponsors!! Clarion West definitely appreciates the support, and so do I :)



    That doesn’t sound so easy to me and I think it is just great that you got all that done and in the midst of a move too. That is hard.

  2. Yay, Caroline! No more excuses for packing procrastination!

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