Officially Texan

Well, after several long days of driving, I arrived in Austin on Monday night. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

– Texas is HOT.
– The speed limit from El Paso to Austin is mostly 80 mph. You can make pretty good time driving across Texas.
– If you’re trying to get somewhere in Austin, go in the opposite direction, then make a U-turn. It is impossible to go somewhere by moving toward your destination.
– Tacos here are cheap and tasty.
– Airconditioning is good.
– Giant swarms of crickets are icky.
– Texas is HOT.

IF all goes well, movers should bring our stuff tomorrow.

::fingers crossed::


  1. With your husband, Shawn, and Maureen you only need one more person for a Needs Killin’ posse!

  2. Have fun unpacking! (At least you know you only have to be there for a few days before you can escape. Although Japan is also hot. And humid.)

    Glad you made it there safely. See ya’ll soon!

  3. Awesome! Now you can eat pigs’ knuckles every day!


      • I’ve done that El Paso to Austin drive a half dozen times. That’s six times too many. People aren’t meant to live in those parts.

        Be sure to try Salt Licks.

        –David S.

        p.s. My grandparents brag about Austin’s weather all winter long. They don’t call much during the summer, though.

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