Off to Japan

I’ve been in Texas for a week, and am still only partially unpacked, but tomorrow I’m off to Japan for Worldcon. My husband and I are sightseeing in Tokyo and Kyoto beforehand, which I’m quite excited about. I’ve never been to Japan before (or anywhere in Asia, for that matter).

Added to my list of things I’ve learned this week:

– lifting heavy things is not good for people with wrist problems
– crickets, in addition to being icky, are noisy
– brand new mattresses are really really comfy

We’re still not unpacked enough for the apartment to really feel like home, but it’s much better than the first couple nights camping out on an air mattress in an empty place. I _am_ missing all my Pacific Northwest-y friends — hope all of ya’ll are doing well!


  1. Wow, crickets. I’ve managed to totally forget about them. I used to trap them under boxes so mom would squish them for me.

    You guys have fun!!! And be careful with those important writer wrists!

  2. I went there too when I was in Kyoto 7 years ago. The gardens behind Kinkakuji were just as exquisite as the temple.


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