Rejections 48 and 49:

R48 – A few weeks ago, a 68-day rejection from Tin House.
R49 – A 167-day rejection from Writers of the Future, after having made the finals for quarter 2.

I’m still feeling pretty confident about both stories, and I should be able to get them subbed again by tomorrow.


  1. alas and crap.

    good to ‘see’ you back from japan, tho!

  2. Sorry to hear about WotF. I feel for you. I’m putting mine back out to market as soon as possible too.

    • A word of advice to you two–

      I’d wait before sending out that story that placed in the Finals! Remember, PUBLISHED FINALISTS get to go to the ceremony as well! If you sell that story before they decide on whether to include it, you’ll miss out on a possible trip.

      Yes, your story will be out of circulation for 2-3 more Quarters. However, given my fantastic week at the ceremonies, I can tell you you should hold onto the story at least that long! Really, it’s worth it. Ask Stephen Gaskell, our published finalist.

      Think of it as a bonus draw…don’t throw away that lotto ticket yet!


      • I feel for you, Caroline. As you know, I’ve been there. Which story was it, by the way? Any one that we’ve seen?

        Tony: That picture of a clockwork bug is taken from some European film, right? What movie is it? I saw it years ago and I’ve been trying to remember the title ever since.


      • Hi Tony! Thanks for the advice, and the descriptions of the ceremonies do make it sound like a great experience. If they took a higher percentage of the finalists to include in the book, I might wait, but the low number of finalists selected (last time, only one…and even under the best of circumstances not more than six) and the long wait (I could send the story to 2-3 other markets in that same amount of time) make me reluctant to keep the story out of circulation. In the mean time, I’ll keep sending new stories to WOTF, and maybe one of these days I’ll manage to place :)

    • Yup, sympathies to you too. At least we know from being finalists that they are good solid stories. Good luck with yours!

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