How did the fortune cookie know?

Peter and I went out to Sea Dragon for dinner tonight. His fortune cookie said: “You have a natural awareness of currents flowing underneath the surface of events.” Nothing too interesting there. BUT MY FORTUNE COOKIE SAID:

“You will become an accomplished writer.”


  1. Smart cookie!

    Too bad Peter’s not an oceanographer.

  2. Wow! I got, perhaps, the second best fortune cookie a writer can get:

    “You will never have to worry about a steady income.”


  3. Obviously I should go to more Chinese restaurants.

  4. My favorite fortune ever was “Do or do not, there is no try.” :P

    But my two most recent were very odd:
    “Like the river flow into the sea
    Something are just meant to be.”
    “I spent the time prepare the song,
    while the song is not being sung.”

    Not sure what to make of those…

  5. That’s a statement of fact, not a prediction. ;)

  6. Hi, this is Stephanie! Clearly your fortune cookie is right.

    Jenny and I got a bunch of “adult” fortune cookies at a fortune cookie bakery in SF – not too racy, but amusing nonetheless.

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