Writing Update

Lots of posts about food lately, not so many about writing. I thought the problem might be the lack of pictures to go with writing posts, so I cooked one up:

Type Faster

I’ve been typing away at my current WIP, and the thing refuses to end. It’s at 11,000 words, which for me is incredibly long (I generally write stories in the 2-5k range), and I still have a ways to go until the ending. This is new territory for me, not only in overall length of the story, but also because this story is doing what it wants to rather than what I tell it to. That could be good or bad — I’ll find out when the story is finally done and I get some fresh eyes to look at it. (So if you’re on my crit list, and you know who you are, you’ve got a long story coming…soon).


  1. Yeeee. Of course, it might not be soon if the story decides to be a novel. ;)

    • Oh my. Unless I’m completely wrong about where this is going, I think it’s going to stay in the novelette/novella range. I’ve been avoiding even thinking about the possibility that I’ve inadvertently started a novel :)

      • Didn’t mean to scare you. I think there’s an element of freedom of choice, really. :)

        (Though I have something that could be a short novel, now, and am thinking about expanding it. Thinking carefully. Which is a good idea.)

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