Still hot outside…

Three Ants

I decided to wander over to Zilker park to do a bit of photography this afternoon. Somehow, I thought since it was October (and somewhat overcast) the weather would be okay. Wrong. The temperatures are starting to cool down, and the evenings are very pleasant, but in the middle of the afternoon I’m better off staying indoors.

But I did get some pretty pictures of butterflies and flowers while I was out, so despite the heat it was a good trip.


  1. Wonderful!

  2. I finally got to show Brad some of your pictures, and he was impressed. He said you should be a professional photographer. He also whined about how your pictures are better than his, despite all of his expensive equipment.

    Keep shooting!

  3. Those yellow and black butterflies are so cool. I was watching one feed on some lantana earlier today — they have such a different wing shape than most butterflies — very cool.

    PS You should hit up the Greenbelt — a lot more cool bugs there.

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