Same blog, new username

When I was thinking about applying to Clarion, I read several blogs about the workshop, and I found it helpful in making my decision to apply. So, when I got notification that I’d been accepted to Clarion West, I started a blog so that future potential applicants could look at it, the way I had looked at other people’s blogs. I thought I’d only blog for the workshop, and then stop blogging, so I named the blog ‘cmy_clarion.’ As it happens, blogging is a rather addictive thing, and a good way to keep in touch with people who are scattered all over everywhere. So rather than letting the blog lapse at the end of the workshop, I started posting much more. And now the time has come to change the name of the blog — the information about the workshop is still there (and tagged so that people can find it) but the blog has moved on to other things, and the username is no longer appropriate. So…

Old username: cmy_clarion
New username: carolineyoachim

The switch has the added benefit of making it clearer to people who stop by the blog who I am. (I was relieved that I could use the whole thing as a username — 15 is the maximum number of letters, so my name just barely fits!) Oh, and no need for anyone else to do anything because of the change, the address for the old journal forwards to the address for this one (but if you want to update your links, feel free).


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