Breakfast…or dessert?

I had a pair of slightly overripe bananas:


So I decided to make banana pancakes this morning:

Banana Pancakes

Recipe: Smash 2 very ripe bananas, stir until mostly smooth. Add vanilla extract, cinnamon, a tablespoon or two of sugar, and one egg. Mix together. Add about a cup of Bisquick. Stir to combine. At this point, my batter seemed a bit thick, so I added maybe a quarter cup of milk.

Serve with butter, and if you are a sugar junkie, maple syrup (pancakes with syrup not shown, because once the syrup went down, the pancakes got eaten).


  1. I like my bananas freckled that way they are sure to be sweet but not smushy. Good to see you today did you get much done? Surprisingly I did.

    • These were browner on the bottom than they were on the top, and still only borderline squishy…but I really like banana pancakes.

      Good to see you too. I managed a little bit of actual writing and a bunch of notes, so I count it as productive :)

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