Tow Trucks: The Saga Continues

Coming late to the saga? Start at the beginning.

Now, as promised, the stunning conclusion of the Tow Truck Saga…

Tow Truck Saga 3

How many tow trucks does it take to haul away a dead garbage truck?
Answer: Five.

– A white semi truck, on which to load the garbage truck. (Dies)
– A red semi truck, to tow the white semi and attached garbage truck. (Dies)
– A black semi truck, to tow away the cab of the white semi truck.
– Another black semi truck, to tow away the red semi truck.
– A third black semi truck, to finally tow away the dead garbage truck.

And that, my friends, is how you can spend six hours towing away a garbage truck.

(I put up a short chronological series of pictures, with commentary, on my flickr account.)


  1. This is like an outtake from “Transformers”: “Owie, I’m stuck, I can’t – somebody get my – ” “Wait, I can’t change into – your thing is stuck in my – you’re hurting my fender, ouch!” “Alright: CUT!”

  2. You don’t need to write fiction – just write what happens outside your window!

    Must be some way to fictionalize this, but would anyone believe it?

  3. Hmm….I just need to add a speculative element, and I’m set!

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