So close, and yet. . . .

Two recent rejections:

R#64 – 17-days from Strange Horizons
R#65 – 172-days from Cemetery Dance

The rejection from Cemetery Dance had a nice friendly note scribbled on the back side of their rejection form letter, saying that I’d come close and should try again soon.

And, speaking of trying again, two submissions:

Sub#75 – to Heliotrope (my 3rd to that market)
Sub#76 – to InterGalactic Medicine Show (my first to that market)


  1. You keep writing them and sending them out, and you will sell those stories.

    Not at all related to your stories: last weekend at Orycon, I called Caroline. She said you’d be very amused that finally someone called a Tina Caroline rather than calling Caroline Tina.

  2. It was. I appreciate that they took the time to jot something down on my rejection, especially since they get a lot of subs and are quite busy.

  3. I think it’s a well known fact that rejection slips breed faster than the accept slips (are there even such things?). Keep up the good work!
    P.S. I can see why there might be some confusion as to who is Caroline and who is Tina!

  4. I got a haircut the other day, which will add to the Tina/Caroline confusion, I’m sure. It’s almost the same length as your hair now–shorter than Tina’s anyway. I’ll post a picture on my blog at some point.

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