End-o-Year Statistics

2007 isn’t quite over yet, but I’ll be visiting family over the holidays, so the stats shouldn’t change much between now and then. Statistical summary of 2007:

Stories Written: 12
Novelette/Novellas written: 1
Novels Written: 1.25

Submissions: 66
Rejections: 56
Sales: 1
Stories currently out at market: 10

Stories Published*: 1

I feel like I did a bit better this year than the statistics suggest, in that I’ve had a lot of near misses. One of my stories was a (non-placing) finalist at Writers of the Future, and several stories have gotten past slush readers and/or gotten encouraging remarks from editors. Still, I’m hoping that next year brings more sales.


* “Time to Say Goodnight” just barely squeaks in; it will appear online at Fantasy Magazine on December 31st. This is my first published story, but not my first sale — “Tending the Mori Birds” sold in Nov 2006, and is slated to appear in issue #7 of Fantasy Magazine, which should be coming out soon.

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  1. Thanks! I really made an effort this year to get more writing done.

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