Turtle with Mixed Green Salad*


There are lots of turtles in the rivers/ponds/lakes around here, and I’ve been meaning to go and photograph them for a while now. This shot comes from a pond on the UT campus, where a bunch of turtles hang out on a regular basis. Much to my dismay, the pond was clogged with weeds, and not particularly photogenic. But I took some photos anyway, in hopes that through the magic of photoshop, I could come up with some serviceable pictures. I ended up really liking the effect I got by desaturating the background.

* Contrary to the title of this post, this is not a food photograph. No turtles were eaten before, during, or after the production of this photograph.


  1. Obviously it is the turtle’s green salad. Yum!

  2. Cool pic! I was just thinking today that on your next post about food I’d suggest that you renamed your blog “Blogging in the Kitchen with Camera,” but you fooled me.

    Nice day in Austin today, wasn’t it? Didn’t even need a jacket. :)

  3. You should eat the turtle!


    • My limited knowledge about the culinary use of turtles tells me that:

      (1) killing/cleaning/preparing turtles is a messy time-consuming process, and

      (2) this is not the right kind of turtle. This is a red-eared slider, and turtle recipes generally call for snappers.

      So I’m not going to eat the turtle :)

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