Roller Derby!

On Your Mark...

Last night I went to see the Texas Rollergirls with tacithydra. We both took a bunch of pictures, tacithydra explained what was going on (I don’t know much about roller derby), cute little kids ran around at halftime, and near the end of the match there was a big brawl involving both teams and some of the fans. So, all in all, a very entertaining evening.

Taking photographs at the derby was tricky because (1) the lighting was terrible, and (2) the skaters were mostly moving around pretty fast. I took 285 shots, and from those I picked the 11 best pictures and put them on flickr.


  1. I too have tried taking shots of Roller Girls. It’s about the worst photographic situation I can imagine. A high-powered flash aimed at the ceiling might help, but I don’t have one.

    • Yeah, there were some photographers there with high-power flashes (and really nice cameras). I suspect they got better pictures than I did :)

    • I got really lucky and my camera went off the same time one of the uber-flashes did. For at least one of my many, anyway.

      There are some *amazing* photographs of derby on flickr, but I don’t think there’s a way to pull those off without a mega-ton of expensive equipment…

  2. Haahaha! You rock! That is an excellent shot, lady! I need to process mine. I will put them up tomorrow. My ISO was too high on over half of them – grainy grainy grainy. How the hell do you ameliorate a high ISO issue in photoshop? Careful use of the blur filter?

    • Hmmm…I still don’t have a good answer for grainy. A bit of blur can help, I also use ‘despeckle’ and some of the other noise reduction filters sometimes. You can also try some of the more artsy-looking filters (some of which even add MORE grain to give a posterized/film grain/etc effect). But often times I just look through my other 200 shots to see if I’ve got something else that’s not quite so grainy =P

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